LOCUS (N.) [ loh-kuhs ]

a center or source. the path traced by a point in motion

We focus on defining the path forward for your project.

Right-Sized, Right When You Need It

With Locus you can count on us as if we’re a member of your own team. Our clients have needs and opportunities that require unique, effective and localized service.

Our team has more than a decade of experience managing complex projects and designing rightsized solutions. Utilizing Locus as a tool ensures your project meets industry standards while embracing your own organizational culture and process.

We support public agencies and private businesses with the right tools for the job.

Strategy Development
Intelligent project planning and flow design. Streamlining effective standard operating procedures for effective near and long-term goal setting.
Marketing and Digital
Holistic brand and project strategic planning with an emphasis in market optimization. Editorializing complex projects for consistency across print, digital, and more.
Project scoping and design from ideation to proof of concept and land use approval.
Concept Facilitation
Assisting you in developing engaging relationships with project stakeholders and internal teams while focusing on broader project needs.
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I have served as designer, strategic planner, economic developer, business champion, policy maker among many more titles of convenience – my favorite title is Dad, and  my passion is solving problems.

My experience is rooted in the development of partnerships that further socioeconomic growth in the communities that have become home.

Getting to the right solution for any project is founded in creating inspiring experiences for all participants; creating an equitable process is the first step in creating the sense of ownership that endears inspiration.

Miles S. Thomas, AICP©


Project Management

Master Planning

Strategy Development


Public Relations

Copy Editing

Market Assessment

Economic Impact Modeling


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StrickerCRE /// Strategy and Marketing

StrickerCRE approached us with extensive copy and good brand cohesion seeking an experienced lens for trimming and curating intriguing content. In this project we provided analysis of existing copy, above-the-fold design, and tailoring elements of their portfolio to showcase their best work with contextual clarity.

Plexus Marketing Group /// Copy Editing

Plexus Marketing Group is a full service market research and B2B lead generator with market emphasis in advanced technology manufacturing and specialized industrial products. Ahead of a major conference they tasked us with (re)articulating their industry-typical terminology into a sales-forward approachable one-page handout.

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Elk Haven Winery /// Web Design and Integration

Elk Haven Winery originated at their Idaho-based Single Tree Vineyard featuring ‘high-elevation’ crisp white wines accustomed to cooler climates. As they expanded their portfolio to the Red Mountain AVA they required a web presence to match their new tasting room and vineyard. Designed to complement their labels (designed by Sara Nelson) their website features complete integration with wine-industry focused Commerce7 – a complete point-of-sale, online sale, reservation, events, and customer relationship management platform.

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Pho Café /// Feasibility and Compliance Analysis

Focused on developing the next brand to a larger portfolio of restaurant concepts this project included a pro-forma funding and labor assessment, design study, and analysis of menu based turnover performance. Final client results included metrics for balancing appropriate hours of operation, seating capacity, and efficient space design for employee operations.

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